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Bootcamps are technical training programs that teach skills employers are looking for. They enable students with little to no knowledge of programming or designing proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new skills to solve real-world problems.

The boot-camp started around 10:30am against the 9:00am due to certain unforeseen circumstances, Raji Abdulgafar the DSC Futminna Lead gave a keynote speech to the attendees telling them about the bootcamp and the importance of learning and practicing every bit of what they’ll be learning during the course of this boot-camp as DSC aims to provide students that are job ready and can provide solution to real-world problems within and outside their locality.

Fatima Hamzat gave a talk on “Leveraging on Developer Student Club as a Student” where she discussed what DSC is, its core values, how DSC FUTMinna supports its members and its activities.

The hall was then divided into two (Designers & Developer), where Developers went through Version Control System with Git and GitHub (Git?, how to use it and why use it? types of Version Control, Git workflow, GitHub, overview of GitHub) lead by Mmadu Manasseh.

The Developer hall was also sectioned to three groups Android, Cloud and Web. The Web class was lead by ibn_Abubakre, who discussed web server, web pages & sites, client vs server, web vs internet, how to build web pages, front vs back end, URL, and URI basically How the Web works. The Android class lead by Wisdom Praise supported by Qaasim Muhammad Akorede who took their participants through an introductory class on what android is? the requirements, myths and what they should watch out for, he asked the participants to install android studio so as to start the hands-on session the following day.

The Machine Learning and AI class Lead by Abdulmalik Mustapha, Zalihat Mohammed and Diretnan Domnan; Abdulmalik Mustapha introduced them to Machine learning (What ML is, Type of ML, and Applications), Zalihat Mohammed took Introduction to Python while Diretnan Domnan was supporting and saving energy for project creation and deployment.

The cloud class was lead by Raji Abdulgafar; this class undoubtedly requires internet but unfortunately we had downtime in network, thus the facilitator was left with no option than show them on his pc, share coupon and assigned exercise to participant to practice at home while looking for alternative solution.

The UI / UX class was the first to start after the first sectioning, it was lead by Bright Emeka and supported by ALIYU MUHAMMAD and Bello Adeiza Luqman, Bright Emeka who discussed what design is, tools, getting familiar with primary design tools, design principle and thinking. A hands-on session on wireframing. Participants develop a wireframe of their proposed portfolio page, most were awesome, they took home with them a homework.

The overall experience of the bootcamp was dope, participant wished they’ve had this for a very very long time, but its never late until it is. We’re looking forward to building the next silicon valley here at FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, MINNA.

We want to thank to CODeL FUTMINNA for supporting with halls and most equipment for the bootcamp.

Stay tune for tomorrows story.

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