In a layman’s term simply put, Figma is a collaborative design tool. Figma is…

Organized by the Figma Africa Minna Community

Group photograph: Figma Africa Minna Community — 15th February 2020

Event theme: Embracing Open-Design

Venue: Computer Lab V SICT, Federal University of Technology, Minna

Date: 15th February, 2020 | 9am GMT +1

Total attendees: 26 out of 59 RSVP

Saturday 15th February 2020, Figma Africa Minna Community hosted an event themed “Embracing…

HNG Internship Stage 2 task was to find a bug on Timbu

I found a bug in the footer section of the site’s, the “Terms and condition” was broken so i decided to take a look at the source and found “ <a href=”http://”>Terms & Conditions</a>”.

The above simply depicts an error while inputting the URL to which it is to forward to after being clicked

User Interface part of timbu.com footer section


UI/UX Designer | Community Advocate and Lead | Product enthusiast | Product Manager| Love adventures

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